What is Sub Prime Motor Finance?

What is Sub Prime Motor Finance?

During these tough times it becomes increasingly difficult to get first-class funding for people with a less than perfect credit history. Many lenders have increased their scorecards and abandoned their interest rates for risk practices. This basically means that they have increased the credit points required to get credit approval. Before companies would advertise an attractive heading APR annual percentage but depending on your credit score they would decide if you would be offered that rate or a less attractive APR annual percentage.

In the financial market for subpremotors the credit crunch has had a detrimental effect on the market. As a result several of the major players have ceased to trade or not approve new business. This has affected mortgage loans personal loans actually all sub prime financial markets. It is probably more important than ever to know what your credit rating is and what personal data the credit reference agencies hold. Once you know this information you can begin to address the situation.

The first thing you need to understand is what is a credit score? Sometimes this is known as creditworthiness. A credit score is a figure that funds companies and other lending institutions to make loan decisions. They get all this information from credit reference agencies.

The three major credit reference agencies used in the UK are Experian Equifax and Call Credit. These agencies share information with financial companies that provide financial companies share account information with them. As if payments are made on the due date or if they are late or missing altogether. Credit reference agencies also hold rolling information such as county courts bankruptcy and IVA. They register previous search information such as the number of times you apply for finance which name you used and who you used. In a nutshell these credit reference agencies provide all lending institutions with a comprehensive amount of information to enable them to make an informed lending decision. These institutions then set their own points based on the information and information you provide in your application. However there are anomalies The credit reference agencies do not share the information with each other. This means that not all information is registered with all authorities.

If you do not have any problems with financing it means you have a good credit score and you are known by the credit industry as a good credit risk or is considered as a leading financial customer. If you have problems and have been muted you are bad credit risk and called as a sub prime customer. This applies if you want to buy a couch contract mobile or a car. In fact you get reduced credit for.

A finance company that is underfunded is a finance company that provides car finance for people who have previously been suspended by the leading financial companies. Even if you may want to buy or need a new car you should find out how bad your credit history really is. If your credit history is not so bad you will still be able to get better profits even though its a bit higher than the most common primary finances. If on the other hand you have a bad credit history you still need to find out how bad your credit history really is to understand why you are considered a bad credit risk and therefore charged with a higher tax rate. Once you have all the information you need consult a sub-prime engineer specialist with a full range of sub-promotional lenders to discuss your individual circumstances safely.

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