North Finance reviews

North Finance reviews

North Finance has been on the market since 2001. North Finance is addressed to Lymasol Cyprus but North Finance is registered in Belize. Like two sides of coins, this forex broker has two different sides, bad and good side. North Finance's good side is competitive spread, easy new account opening, small minimum capital, easy deposit and withdrawal operation, interesting leverage, free Meta Trader trading platform, great customer support, bank guarantee, exchange-free policy, IB business opportunity, trading variations. North Finance is not good news, no news tab in this broker Meta trader and busy server at press release.

In this forex broker, the spread is quite interesting, starting from 2 up to 10 pips in the news period and no commission. It's very easy to start shopping in North Finance, you can open account within 10 minutes from around the world via the internet. The minimum capital to start Forex Trading in North Finance is $ 100, no minimum deposit and withdrawals at this Forex broker. You also do not have to pay a fee in the deposit and withdrawals in North Finance. This broker accepts payment by wire and electronic payment e-gold. The credit leverage in this forex broker is very attractive, especially for low capital traders start from 1: 1 up to 1: 500.

This Forex Broker uses Meta Trader, Fast Driving and Quote Systems with eleven different languages. But, unfortunately, North Finances Meta Trader does not support news that is an important factor in Forex trading. North Finance also supports mobile commerce, you can download Meta Trader Mobile for free on this currency trade. North Finance is very good in customer support you can access customer support 24 hours 5 working days lively on North Finance live chat.

In addition, these foreign exchange customer support is very friendly and helpful. Not only good at customer support, this forex broker is also good in e-gold recovery and recovery time. Deposits and withdrawals in this currency trade are very fast, almost completed in just five minutes. If you deposit $ 5000 or more at North Finance, you will receive a free Visa Electron card that you can use to take out or shop at any location in the world that has the Visa Electron logo. You do not have to worry about putting your money on this currency trade. Your deposit over $ 100,000 is bank guarantees. But you must becareful when trading in North Finance at big news is released, this Forex broker server is often very busy during major news. North Finance has the good policy for Muslim traders who switch to Muslim traders in this currency trade. This forex broker offers excellent opportunity to join a profitable company with them as IB (internet broker). North Finance has had IB forex brokers in more than twenty different countries, some of them in Russia, China, Malaysia, South Africa etc. In North Finance, you can not only trade forex, you can also trade CFD on futures, stock metals.

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