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Republic of the Philippines


Quezon City


The bill aims to provide a supplemental fund of P500 Million pesos for legal assistance fund for FY 2015 to counter act the veto of Pres. Aquino and ensure that those languishing in jails, especially those in death rows, will be given a chance to avail of legal services while being charged in a hostile environment abroad. This amount will roughly cover some 1,100 OFWs in jails abroad.

It is the government’s responsibility to provide timely and adequate legal assistance to OFWs in distress. By passing this bill that will ensure that funds are readily available for the legal needs of our OFWs in distress, we can save more OFWs’ lives.

The call to equitably adjust and restructure the income tax rates and tax brackets to provide immediate relief to individual taxpayers has been advanced not only by taxpayers themselves but even by tax managers and practitioners. In fact, even the tax collecting agencies-- the Department of Finance and the Bureau of Internal Revenue -- recognize the need for such tax adjustments.

This bill aims to abolish the pork barrel system by prohibiting the President from providing a budgetary item or including in the proposed budget submitted to Congress every fiscal year any lump sum allocations to the PDAF and similar lump sum, discretionary funds. Aside from the legislators’ pork barrel, the bill shall also abolish the President’s pork barrel funds, such as the President’s Social Fund and the Malampaya Fund.

This bill acknowledges the reality of homophobia and discrimination and seeks to promote public consciousness about the need to respect the rights of LGBTs and end the violence, hate and discrimination heaped on them. It hopes to provide more opportunities to discuss and search for solutions to the problems confronted by our fellow human beings.

By declaring the month of November as Buy Pinoy, Build Pinoy month, it is the authors intention to provide MSMEs and Filipino enterprises in general an opportunity to take center stage in the consciousness of Filipino consumers. This is especially important given the increased consumer spending that occurs during the Christmas season.

It is in this light that we seek amusement tax exemption for local artists promoting original Filipino music. This is also a reminder to government officials that they should implement the law properly – that the ceiling amusement tax rate is 10%, as set by Republic Act No. 9640 which amended Republic Act No. 7160 or the Local Government Code, and that such will be taken from the gross receipts of admission fees, refunding whatever was given in advance. There have also been reports that Filipino theater acts have been deprived of their right to an exemption.

To further empower the music industry, amusement tax derived from concerts of foreign artists will be earmarked for workshop subsidies badly needed by our local theater groups, as well as trainings and workshops for artists and composers to encourage the creation of original Filipino music.

With around a million PWDs, including those who are deaf, there is a long-standing yet unheeded call to use subtitles or sign language in television programs. Without these aids, deaf individuals are deprived of timely and relevant information that broadcast news provides.
The proposed bill aims to make broadcast media more accessible to the deaf community. It hopes to pave the way for other sign-language interpreted programs in the future.

This proposed legislation aims for the inclusion of data items related to indigenous peoples to wit, ethnicity by descent/consanguinity/blood line and language, in all national censuses when this measure is signed into law. The inclusion of the ethnicity indicator will generate disaggregated demographic data on the indigenous peoples, while the language indicator will produce data relevant to the ethno-linguistic groups in the country. These are indispensable in knowing the real state of the country’s indigenous peoples as basis for national planning and decision-making.

Considering how important education is for our people and how costly it has become for them, it will only be fair for government to ensure our citizen’s right to education by imposing a three-year moratorium on all kinds of fee increases, whether tuition or other school fees, on all schools that have registered a profit in the previous year. This is just to give our people some kind of relief, considering that they have yet to feel the promised social payback from higher taxes.


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