Bayan Muna

Our name is our message.
It embodies our core ideals
- people first!, their interest, and welfare above all.

News Release
July 16, 2015

Bayan Muna partylist representatives Neri Colmenares and Carlos Zarate denounced the harassment of a staff member last Wednesday.

Lea Fullon, a staff member of Bayan Muna Partylist in the House of Representatives, was approached by a man who identified himself as Joey Fabrigas during a protest action against the MRT-LRT fare hikes at the Monumento station of LRT1. He claimed he was an intelligence agent.

Solon to talk to US Justice Department to expedite asset recovery proceedings

News Release
July 16, 2015

Washington, D.C.-Bayan Muna party list  Rep.Neri Colmemares, who is in the US capital, today said that the supposed $12.5M assets of Janet Lim Napoles should be forfeited in favor of the Philippine government so that it would be used for the upliftment of its supposed target beneficiaries ‘the Filipino people’.

Rep. neri Colmenares at MRT LRT Fare Hike Picket

Demands rollback of MRT/LRT fares

News Release
July 15, 2015

Members of Bayan Muna  Partylist picketed at the Monumento station of the Light Rail Transit-1 (LRT-1) on Wednesday.

The group decried the "decrepit condition" of the train system and demanded that the trains be made ready for the onslaught of typhoons in the next months.